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10-13mm 35f keder1.jpg  Print Keder for optimum banner visuals

  White, 35mm leg                             Part No

  Outside Diameters:

                2200 dtex  -  10mm         10103589

                2200 dtex  -  13mm         10133589



  Double Leg Light Weight 1x1          keder2.jpg 

  Outside Diameter: 9.5mm

  Part No: 10110942   White

                10110943   Black     


keder06.jpg   Double Leg Blackout

   Outside Diameters:                     Part No

             White     11mm                10111183

                           13mm                10111383


keder07.jpg   Double Leg Repair

   Weldable legs: 20mm

   Block Welded: 50mm

           Outside Diameters:                   Part No

                     White    7.5mm             10120782

                                  8.5mm             10120882

                                   11mm             10121182

                                   13mm             10121382


keder05.jpg   Double Leg Heavy Duty, Panama

   Outside Diameters:                    Part No

             White     8.5mm             10110882

                            11mm              10111182

                            13mm              10111382


Keder core.JPG

  Clear PVC Keder Core

  100m & 250m Rolls                           Part No

  Outside Diameters:  10mm              06101051

                                   12mm              06101251



No1alum.jpgDouble Barrel Aluminium No1 alum.jpgRail

Part No: 10054430 (No1Alum)

 Length: 600cm

  Width (B): 44mm

                                      Height (H): 17mm

                                      Int Dia (D): 12mm

                      Suitable for 8.5mm - 10mm Keder, outside diameter

                    The Aluminium can be bent through a 30cm radius

Also available in White & Grey PVC

                      Part No: 10054442                         

                      Length: 500cm

                      Width (B): 44mm

                                     Height (H): 17mm

                      Int Dia (D): 12mm

The PVC can be bent through 90deg, by using a hot air gun

Joining element, 14mm x 11mm rectangular bar



No 2 alum.jpg  Double Barrel Aluminium

  Part No: 10215730 (No2Alum)

  Length: 600cm

  Width (B): 56.61mm

    Height (H): 24mm

  Int Dia (D): 16mm

                                                     Suitable for 11mm - 14mm Keder

                                                     Joining element, 12mm square bar


  big h track.jpg 

  Big h Aluminium Rabig h track photo.jpgil

  Part No: 10105730 (No4Alum)

  Length: 500cm

  Width (B): 36mm

  Int Dia (D): 14mm

  Suitable for 11mm - 13mm Keder






  Big P Aluminium RaibigP.jpgl

   Part No: 10551730

   Length: 600cm

   Width (B): 55mm

   Height (H): 25mm

   Int Dia (D): 17mm

    Suitable for 10mm - 13mm Keder

  This rail will also accomodate our small PVC ROLLER
   Part No - 35802241

bolt on type.jpg

  Aluminium Bolt On Rasingle 13mm BOLT ON PHOTO.jpgil

  Part No: 10142130 

  Length: 600cm

  Width (B): 28mm

  Height (H): 40mm

  Int Dia (D): 16mm

  Suitable for 10mm - 13mm Keder